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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

To Concerned American State Assemblies - Be Advised

 We are developing an exclusive Call-Out of known businesses across the Continental United States known or suspected to be grifting off the status-correction process.

We will work diligently to research those alleged businesses that are not operating in good faith. The reports coming in reflect abuses such as offering to provide automated paperwork processes found to be in error.

In addition to the reported errors, these businesses are found to be soliciting exorbitant prices for such services without providing contact information pointing their clients to their respective American State Assembly for proper recording.

These poor business practices and others will be a part of our ongoing, nationwide exposure campaign highlighting these negative consumer reports as they continue to be gathered.

For information about any alleged status-correction services operating dishonorably, we want to hear from you.

For alleged businesses, in the manner described above supporting the name of The American States Assemblies or claiming to be part of the Federation of States for The United States of America (Unincorporated), please let our offices know.

Thank you, in advance for your participation in helping expose wrongdoing exploited against honest men and women in The United States of America.

More Interesting Additions Being Provided on our PKTFnews Site

 Our team will add a growing list of call-to-action items to our Navigation Window in the coming hours and days.

From here, general readers, professional investigators, fellow law enforcement, and lawful peacekeepers will be provided with a service outline of priority information about open claims of unlawful incarcerations.

These outlines will help to shed more light on claims of gross trespasses against lawful American State Citizens and American State Nationals.

During the launch of our news magazine website in August 2022, we piloted an Emergency Information Service Bulletin and an associated Family Relief Fund project to help spearhead this initiative. The project went well throughout the test run publication which ran for approximately 90 days. Through such success, PKTF intends to restart and move the project into regular service as part of our support service circulation very soon.

Such allegations of unlawful detention, arrest, interrogation, booking, incarceration, trial, sentencing, and/or imprisonment can become life-changing stressors! If found true, any criminal claims for unlawful treatment across such procedures deserve a proper venue for public reporting. And our growing team of professional peacekeepers is in the business of providing such a venue.

But we need your generous support!

The time it will take to bolster this highly valuable bulletin will consume many consistent hours of upkeep!

As our State Assemblies grow, so too is the real threat of unwelcomed harassment and inconvenience that result from various, less-than-lawful service providers whose annual training will be found to be proportionally insufficient and wanting for updates. PKTF would like to assist with offering information capable of providing such updates to consider.

Nevertheless, these trespasses have and may continue to persist unless The Peacekeeping Task Force offers a unilateral All Points Bulletin highlighting such encroachments.

Soon, will resume its Community News and Reporting Service Section.

While we are optimistic this section will remain fairly on average low in reporting content, we felt the need to revive this service due to a recent uptick in allegations of unlawful apprehension of Americans by State of State and Federal Law Enforcement across a handful of states.

If anyone status-corrected on the public record - is a part of your State Assembly, and is being treated in this manner, we would like to hear from you.

Before proceeding, we need to learn more details through your State Assembly Coordinator of state-elected (or interim) Marshal-at-Arms.

We will also need to as much ongoing detail of the criminal actions being levied against the American State Citizen or American State National for our reporting process. This is made available best by direct family members of the unlawfully accused and accosted American for accuracy and frequency of detail updates. These are the primary necessities to make this service project a success.

Please spread the word within your public spheres as we gather more instructional necessities for ramping up this project. Once our team has gathered all updated procedures, we will provide a full-featured article on our magazine website.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

As we Continue Closing the Walls in on the False (Paper Tiger) Sovereign Citizen (Strawman) Offenses


We will attempt to remain as respectable and reasonable as possible, while - at the same time insisting on remaining assertive against those who pursue various alternative realities regarding lawful status-correction.

As we make our way to drawing a fair line in the sand with who is who among us, we realize this needs to be approached with gentleness through mutual respect, while rejecting any declaration of harm to anyone man, woman, offspring, volunteer or unvolunteered citizen, or any other manner of group constituency.

We must - through this, then begin to further assert the intent of true American sovereign people and their People (sovereigns in their own right, yet voluntarily, and temporarily serving their people) through recognizing those in Assembly who do take their honorable responsibility toward self-governance seriously!

To better achieve this, we must begin to bring light to the previously mentioned "fair line in the sand" when it comes to properly recognizing, and therefor segregating one's American State Assembly having superior, concurrent general jurisdiction from that of - District Assembly having mere limited jurisdiction.

However, before we are even able to settle this distinction, we first need to begin perfecting addressing the few and far between, yet gradually persuaded and maintained falsity regarding public or private belligerent behavior.

The underlining question is - what actual truth is there regarding a genuine linkage between people who study, exercise, and declare status-correction publication - and those of merely allege similar schools of thought? Who among the people are indeed status-corrected, and who also somehow subscribe to fomenting a priority need of resorting to open displays of violence, fraud, blatant disrespect or terroristic threats at any level towards law enforcement? - (as a result of status-correction)

These questions, and more will be flushed out in future sub articles and full featured articles in the coming weeks.

It will be here where we adjust our focus for sharply snapping the chalk line used to cut all unfair grouping among those who practice violence as a means to assert their political status correction. And from here, we would like to bring to the public attention a product of what repealing the Smith-Mundt Act itself has brought to the public venue.

Government sponsored, negative or duplicitous propaganda crusades against their own population, (particularly against the natural right to enter (or reject) contract obligations through political status-correction) is what has been occurring for at least 1 - 2 decades overall in the Continental United States.

All this, and more news and information are on the way on this vital topic!

If you like what you see so far, please consider ceding our researchers and editors with some support by commenting below with what you'd like written about as a follow-up to this sub article.

We are always thrilled to receive comments and email from our readers and supporters.

And, if you are in a position to donate to our cause for righting the wrongs that have been slowly, but surely perpetuated purposefully over time - please consider donating to help keep our websites modern and up to date.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!


PKTF - Assembly Liaison Training Now Found on YouTube

  As we continue to test ways to grow and perfect our internet presence, we always consider (or reconsider) other broadcasting outlets.

Readers will also find the YouTube logo listing within the Footer of our website for convenient access.

As of the July 21st, 2024, The Peacekeeping Task Force is now found on YouTube as replay content of previously held training meetings. Be sure to subscribe for access to all prior training made available, and feed notifications when training replays have posted.

Also, readers can find a more thorough explanation of why our Staff opted to reconsider utilizing YouTube as a viable broadcast platform in the article posted earlier today in our latest PKTFnews article for the day.

We very much look forward to your comments, questions, and productive suggestions. Please share any work you find here as you feel led. We greatly appreciate reading from all our readers and viewers!

Thursday, July 18, 2024

More Clarity on Evaluating, Educating, and Coordinating Through The Peacekeeping Task Force

 We have recently learned of a few disconnects concerning the comprehension of what comprises Evaluation, Education, and Coordination in terms of how The Peacekeeping Task Force is concerned regarding all 50 American State Assemblies.

These disconnects stem from various notions that some Assemblies largely maintain because their leadership is not reaching out to seek more clarity on the topic.

(Please forgive the use of the following words that have been made bold. These words are used in this way to emphasize taking the importance of their use in context)

The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF) asserts that we begin and end our Federation of States' service obligation with each American State Assembly Militia. We do not offer services to any other State Assembly Pillar outside of the Assembly Militia.

Any other ongoing, future service opportunities and limitation to obligation potentiality are maintained by being considered as an appointed, ongoing support member of each American State General Assembly, Oversight Committee. In this future opportunity, each support member within each American State Assembly is also an American State National trained by PKTF as a PKTF - Assembly Liaison.

No other Federation of States influence or service obligation outside of State Assembly influence or obligation exists. At this point of future service opportunity, the American State Assembly is Seated and functioning autonomously concerning its own Postal Service Area obligations and other international affairs regarding peacekeeping matters.

With the above established, we can move on to offer more clarity as we know it.

The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF) is currently chartered to assist directly with building and maintaining a solid interface relationship owed to each Incorporated, State of State subcontractor.

These similar, yet Incorporated law enforcement service providers (in operation at various service levels) are provided by PKTF with a calibrated aperture to analyze the social landscape for Evaluation and receive subsequent State Assembly service Education resulting from such analysis. They are also offered logistical service Coordination strategies derived from their respective American State Assembly Militia service counterparts.

The three cyclical validation services highlighted above are offered to all pertinent State of State law enforcement, by what their respective American State Assembly (Unincorporated) government contractors are building for their counterparts in this same respect.

The PKTF is not chartered to initiate our Unincorporated Assemblies with services such as required training or research materials, service resources or locations, conduct or oversee mandatory nationwide Assembly Militia meetings, obligate Assembly Militia coaching or mentoring, or issue Assembly Militia directives. The PKTF does not institute anything that would constitute an ownership interest or responsibility construed as Evaluation, Education, or Coordination efforts ahead of, or around what each American State Assembly Militia leadership themselves are devising.

However, we do freely offer stellar advice and highly tested service recommendations as an integral part of our Federation service charter! We also retain the duty under our current Federation charter to validate the overall purpose and intent of each American State Assembly Militia seeking official Seatment based on their completed service model at the time of validation. 

Once again, the singular focus owed to all American State Assemblies by PKTF is on each respective Assembly Militia Pillar's verifiable success. Verifiable success is measured explicitly by how each Assembly Militia has approached the awesome responsibility of offering lawful, sustainable service to their State Border Defenses. The PKTF does not carry the burden of providing mandated instructions on what, or how each Assembly Militia Pillar constructs their Militia services.

The PKTF does, however, maintain a Fiduciary role of advising each American State Assembly as to the vital importance of preparing each Assembly Militia Pillar to function lawfully and peacefully alongside, or from the unforeseen absence of their current Incorporated subcontractors.

With this, to accomplish such effective and sustainable means necessary to defend their state borders against all unlawful actions of intrusion or invasion is a tremendous task!

And, so, the PKTF remains available to offer advice that progresses as each State Assembly Militia progresses in this effort over time.

The PKTF cannot and does not dictate in which direction an Assembly Militia takes its developmental responsibilities, so long as those efforts remain centered on service details that promote lawfully valid, and amicably measured service intent at the time of Assembly validation.

Our initial, and ongoing peacekeeping efforts and roles are purely advisory by nature and purpose.

Our peacekeeping role and responsibility for each American State Assembly was and remains designed to maintain consistency in this international service approach.

The PKTF cannot and will not attempt to deviate from these service parameters.

The checks and balances within this Federation level service are maintained at the State level and international level simultaneously. Service approval to all American State Assemblies, after they are properly Seated is maintained within each General Assembly Oversight Committee.

For added measure, all PKTF - Assembly Liaisons are taught these parameters as part of their Series of training which is conducted three times annually.

International recognition for all American State Assemblies, as well as all other Land and Soil State Assemblies internationally is why this organization was placed into motion.

We hope this added emphasis on what The Peacekeeping Task Force offers to all American State Assembly, Militia Pillars was insightful. We endeavor for the lasting purpose of achieving its ultimate operational success as a lawful and peaceful, non-military Service Advisory Protectorate (a future service concept).

Please note:

The concept of a protectorate with the idea of an advisory group or panel infers that an “advisory protectorate” only provides a situation where the PKTF could facilitate as an organization outside of any sovereign State Assembly. The organization only offers measurable guidance, sound recommendations, or valid expertise to another state or entity, while the State still maintains its sovereignty and autonomy.

The advisory aspect would focus on providing counsel and support, rather than imposing direct control or authority at any level. The advisory protectorate would operate through a formal agreement or arrangement, outlining the scope and nature of the advisory relationship.

Please visit our main website at for more information previously provided in more recent articles found there as well.

To Concerned American State Assemblies - Be Advised

  W e are developing an exclusive Call-Out of known businesses across the Continental United States known or suspected to be grifting off th...