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Friday, February 23, 2024

Meetings With the Federation of States and Other State Assemblies

 We will be meeting with the honorable members of the Federation of States soon to continue discussing the various means of achieving the goals required to illustrate proper peacekeeping measures to the world.

As our readers are aware, The Peacekeeping Task Force possesses it's own platform/s designed and dedicated to capturing such interviews and meetings held throughout the offices.

For example, when my staff and I meet we will be discussing with one another many of the details and decision factors that take place during intermediate periods of service production such as during Executive Sessions.

The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF) currently maintains virtual meeting spaces where meetings are hosted, held and maintained by the various means and methods of recordings and talking points by minute marks. We maintain numerous, distinctly separate spaces due to the slightly complex nature behind certain projects being developed while each of their component details are discussed. 

Most meetings, workshop discussions, interviews, post interview discussions, brainstorming sessions, Q&A, exclusive podcasts, other in-house meeting sessions specific to various projects etc. all typically last no longer than 90 minutes. Most After Action Review meetings and follow-up staff meetings typically last no longer than 30 minutes and are recorded in most cases.

Our small team has only recently begun building further upon the various different meeting spaces described above. During previously held meetings, we were confined to a much smaller environment where flexibility and variety was sacrificed for overall convenience and familiarity during those (previously relied upon) limited meetings space options.

Now, we have begun branching out in multiple directions where networking, featured broadcasting, demographic reach, overall support, and platform variety are now a significant part of our operating business model.

We are happy to add more clarity and discuss working examples of these types of  meeting tempo during future articles as topics such as these and others like them take on more experience throughout 2024.

Please look for, and expect to find more elaborate articles on this and all other relative topics over on as new issues and content are added to the site monthly.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Adding Brighteon to our Growing List of Freedom Outlets

 As we continue seeking new means of expanding our peaceful outreach all the earth we continue to discover ever new and exciting ways to do so.

Introducing our latest interviewing platform addition hosted by Brighteon.

Brighteon is an established freedom-sharing video platform for researchers and content creator's alike.

While other earlier established juggernauts, yet swiftly approaching legacy platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (X) and select others continue to make the grade of below board transparency, Brighteon is doing its part to help right such wrongdoings.

With less than user friendly, near ruthless, wildly unfounded content control measure strike and banning features these types of platforms have maintained over recent years- new and improved forums such as Brighteon have emerged.

At the time this article is being published, The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF) intends to provide worldwide interviews with Subject Matter Researchers of various topics and general interests outside of all immediate State Assembly development.

Exclusive interviews provided and uploaded onto the Brighteon platform, hosted by PKTF staff depends largely upon available time we are able to devote towards such content in the near future. The purpose of this project at this time is to stay ahead of the anticipated influx interest of what we offer and what The American State Assemblies all across America are doing as well.

Please stay tuned for future interviews found uploaded onto Brighteon by PKTF at some point beginning in 2024.

Our readers can find access to the link and other similarly new posting platforms in the top right margin of this BlogSpot.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Role of Assistant Director with The Peacekeeping Task Force


 We currently have three separate Directorate roles with The Peacekeeping Task Force (PKTF).

The PKTF is currently in need of a competent, status-corrected man or woman to head up our office for Assistant Director. The decided structure to settle the number of our Board Members to three positions, rather than a full-level staff variation was simple. 

The PKTF was initially constructed by the Federation of States to function with minimal executive oversight positions. This decision was made from the outset of PKTF service conception.

To this date, the office holders of the PKTF remain content with growing this office no further beyond three key roles.

The following outline adds general dimensions to these offices responsible for providing serviceability to all American State Assemblies where peacekeeping operations are expected and provided.

A cursory outline:

(Executive Director - manages all levels of Administration where projects are approved. The managerial aspect that encompasses PKTF roles and responsibilities involves Project Development, Priority Planning, Scheduling, and Service Implementation.

This Director also leads the functions of the hiring strategy but does not necessarily carry out such physical functions of the hiring process.

(Assistant Director - maintains all key aspects of the Executive role within the Directorate Staff, but whose conclusive oversight or final decision-making determinations remain a derivative of Executive-level responsibilities. The physical hiring, firing or lateral promotion process of all lower level positions are generally managed by this office.

The Assistant Director assumes all administrative functions within the PKTF structure, in combination with, or in the temporary absence of Executive-level roles and responsibilities throughout everyday business dealings.

(Associate Director - manages all other aspects of administrative supervision and comprehensive reporting and compliance authorizations. This Director is the highest Administration Office responsible for monitoring the leadership positions within the body functions of any company where physical production takes place.

The key role of the Associate Director within the PKTF focuses largely on front-line oversight of all authorized projects as those projects progress beyond the development stage of operations.

- -

Take notice the "hinge point" between these three vital directorate positions is that of the role known as the Assistant Director.

- -

The Peacekeeping Task Force seeks to fill this third and final office within its Directorate as soon as reasonably possible.

Those Americans interested in the opportunity are encouraged to contact our main office by using the Contact feature on our website at on how to get started. Simply build the Contact Form around your inquiry in the message portion of the form regarding 

Although there are no underlying prerequisites, pre-established credentials, or collegiate credits necessary, such experiences are certainly welcomed. For those wishing to inquire further, or are beyond general interest are welcomed to create an account with Tue Continental Marshals Service - Vetting Services Site begin the simple vetting process.

Our staff will provide a follow-up, full featured article on the website in the coming days to provide more descriptive detail on the roles and responsibilities of the current Directorate with The Peacekeeping Task Force.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Announcing My Local Free Press Initiative on Substack

 Just a brief mention and link to my very first three minute read found on Substack.

My aim is to help illustrate and promote the potency that local Free Press can provide to Land and Soil Assembly development. Not only for local readers, but potential readers of surrounding counties - even to a worldwide audience thanks to modern digital technology.

*  *  *

A special thanks goes out to Ed Movius for offering to provide an additional audio version of articles found on this BlogSpot. Ed has already been gracious with his time over the years by providing a convenient process of reviewing articles regularly published by the Federation of States.

A special link to his appreciative work and others can be found listed in the Footer of this BlogSpot.

*  *  *

So, if our readers here are interested in how this particular personal local project of mine roles out and evolves gradually, have a look by clicking the link below. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe.

It's, of course no cost to subscribe for my complimentary work.

Have a great rest of your day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Update to The Meeting Announcement for all Participants of PKTF - Assembly Liaison

 Meetings with all participating States will begin on March 2, 2024.

We will begin with bi-weekly meetings for the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month tentatively.

The meetings will be provided using the Free Conference Call meeting forum and are slated for 90 minutes. Each meeting will be recorded, but recordings will be provided only to those State Assemblies who are actively participating as having an Assembly Liaison enrolled in the meeting.

All live meetings are essentially closed to the General Public.

The primary purpose for this decision is simply due to the fact that the information shared with all Assembly Liaisons is provided to each Liaison in a type of rapid-fire stylization. Concise and deliberate information flow is the objective for purposes of maximizing time balanced firmly with the volume of information to be shared during each bi-weekly meeting.

For more information on this evolving development, please read a bit more detail on the subject over on here.

Meetings With the Federation of States and Other State Assemblies

 W e will be meeting with the honorable members of the Federation of States soon to continue discussing the various means of achieving the g...